How We Work


BAG  State material.
GSM  Tell us the preferred thickness gsm.
SIZE  cm high, cm wide, cm deep.
HANDLE  Long/short.
LOGO  How many colours.
SIDES  1 or 2.
POSITION  Size etc.

QUOTATION  We send you best price & delivery time, from our Shanghai Office.
ORDERS  We send you factory purchase invoice.
VISUAL LAYOUT  We provide you visual layouts free of charge.
FINAL PROOFS  We supply final photos or real samples for approval before production.
DOCUMENTS  Commercial invoice, B/L with goods.
FREIGHT  We book goods with your forwarder.
OTHER  We can help with all aspects of the inquiry, such as certification, quality control, and the rest.
PRICE CHECK  You may have already your own suppliers, but you are welcome to send us your inquiries, even if it is just for a price check.

LANGUAGE  Send us your inquiry in your own language if you prefer. We manage very well these days with Google Translate.
SPRACHE  Senden Sie uns Ihre Anfrage in Ihrer eigenen Sprache, wenn Sie es vorziehen. Wir kommen heutzutage mit Google Translate sehr gut zurecht.
LANGUE  Envoyez-nous votre demande dans votre propre langue si vous préférez. Nous gérons très bien ces jours-ci avec Google Traduction.

The Barron Agency
Regus Business Centre
Metallimiehenkuja 10
02150 Espoo

Tel.  +358 (0)50 500 4300

E-mail:   ian@barron.fi

Shanghai Office
32H, #855 Pudong Nan Road
Pudong New Area, Shanghai
China    Zip 200120


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